About the Wyoming Geospatial Hub

The Wyoming Geospatial Hub is the primary center for discovering and accessing publicly accessible geospatial data produced, maintained and shared by various partners including State agencies, county and municipal governments, tribal governments, private industry and the general public. The Geospatial Hub also provides access to non-geospatial data such as agency reports. Data are available in multiple formats to meet the needs of different users.


To serve as the premier web portal to publicly accessible reliable geospatial and non-geospatial data for the State of Wyoming.


The Geospatial Hub is a loose coupling of three web applications which collectively support finding and accessing geospatial and non-geospatial data: GeoHub Explorer, GeoHub Pathfinder and GeoHub Imagery. The GeoHub Explorer allows users to browse and search metadata, and find data of interest via one or more links embedded in metadata records. Through the GeoHub Pathfinder, users can define areas of interest either by spatial extent or query-by-attribute filter, and then download relevant data for those areas. The GeoHub Imagery is a dedicated application for downloading compressed digital raster graphics (DRGs) and aerial photographs. In addition to the Geospatial Hub applications, users have access to a variety of other web-mapping applications for exploring Wyoming data, and a gallery of downloadable Wyoming maps.
Wyoming map


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